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People will do business with – and refer business to – those people they know, like, and trust. The businesses listed below are businesses we know, like, and trust. If you like what you see on our website or how we do business, you will love these companies.

i3 Media Solutions

i3 is a digital agency located in Tucson, Arizona. They are web design experts and love helping a customer craft a new vision for their company’s website. i3’s team has been building websites since the late 90’s and take a great deal of pride in keeping up with the latest web technologies, and how to best implement them for their customers.


Social Plus – Social Media Scheduling Platform

The All In One Social Media Dashboard will help you to manage, monitor, engage & publish on multiple social media platforms! Schedule and track all of your posts in one, convenient place, with updates on audience interaction and individual platform posting guidelines easily within your reach. Get ready for your marketing months ahead of time with ease. This tool can help you to master your social media marketing like never before!

Learn more about our social media scheduling platform here.

The Marketing Guide 2019 Workbook

This workbook is written by Frankie, the Creative Director, and Catherine, the Digital Marketing Manager, at i3 Media Solutions. Frankie is also co-facilitator for Business Breakthrough. This guide will help you scale up your marketing by creating a Marketing Calendar and starting to plan for your content marketing. If you are ready to see results for your work, this workbook is the first step to success! To learn more, please visit

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Below are some of the amazing testimonials our customers have shared with us.

The Social Media Scheduling Platform is a priceless, resourceful tool that I use every month! I can coordinate and schedule every social media post across all platforms, with pictures and videos, as well as my content all in one, convenient place. It enables me to get all my monthly marketing done within just a few hours and allows me to track any replies or issues with my posts with ease. I would be lost without it!”

-Cat L., i3 Media Solutions Digital Marketing Coordinator

“$10 dollar social couldn’t have been more helpful to us with their Q&A newsletters and social media support. Not only did it bring clarity, humor, and character to my posts, but my followers increased overnight!”

-Martin L.

“$10 Social has great knowledge of social media and the knack of being able to break it down to provide clear and relevant insights.”

-MaryBeth W.

“It’s nice to finally get a better understanding of social media from someone who’s clearly an expert in the area.”
-BJ. T

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